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School Supply Kits for Children in India

Cost: $25

Rural communities in India have the highest primary school dropout rate in the country - a direct result of poor educational facilities, the need for children to work, and the lack of educational and health care support.

Many of the children who do go to school begin their education late because schools are too far away from their communities. Approximately one out of every two to three children in the communities where Free The Children works are engaged in child labour. 

Free The Children aims to help through educational programming and community mobilization, which includes training on critical thinking, innovation, gender equality, health, physical education and leadership. It is Free The Children’s goal to enroll indigenous children into school that would otherwise would be unable due to child labour and early child marriage

You can support children’s education in India by providing school supplies. This removes a barrier to education and ensures that every student can learn to their fullest potential.



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