Protecting the Vulnerable


Protect Widows and Orphans From Property Grabbing

Illegal property seizure, or property grabbing, is taking property through violence, intimidation, communal pressures or fraud without any legitimate agreement between the rightful owner and the person assuming possession.

In Africa, property grabbing often happens after the death of a husband or father, when widows and orphans are particularly vulnerable. Relatives or neighbours quickly divide up the home or land, and the surviving widow or orphans are left homeless and stripped of their belongings.

IJM restores widows and orphans to their homes and defends them against ongoing threats of violence. We bring criminal cases against perpetrators, particularly where violence, intimidation or fraud have been used. We provide urgent medical care and counselling, ensure that children can go to school and, where needed, help women begin income-generating projects.

Help protect widows and orphans from property grabbing.


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