Food for Health


Support the nutritional needs of those living with HIV


Under Save the Children, the "Food by Prescription" program in Ethiopia monitors and addresses the nutritional needs of people living with HIV and TB with the aim of improving health care outcomes.

Nutrition assessment, counseling and support is integrated into comprehensive HIV care and support programs with a focus on HIV positive pregnant and lactating women, orphans and vulnerable children.

This integrated approach leads to better nutritional and health status of people living with HIV. Additional programs designed to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS include public – private partnerships to link people living with HIV to employment opportunities and partnering with private sector clinics to provide more equitable access to HIV related care and treatment.

Save the Children supports positive-living practices for people living with HIV, in order to maintain their well-being, prevent disease progression, and help reduce deaths and illnesses among HIV-positive people. In line with its focus on children, Save the Children's programs ensure that HIV positive children are provided with a holistic package of care and support interventions at all levels, improving not only their health outcomes, but also social and economic status.


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