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Give a woman self-sufficiency with a goat in Ethiopia

Cost: $50


Women provide the bulk of the farm labour in Ethiopia, but have little control over decisions that could help lift their households out of poverty. While an increasing number of women have started small businesses, they are often unable to access the financial resources to make those businesses thrive. CARE’s Abdishe project in Ethiopia seeks to help women and their families develop the financial means to afford a healthy and nutritious diet.

A goat is a wonderful way for a family to generate income while protein-rich goat milk provides nutrition for children and improved family health. Goats are hardy and well-adapted to harsh climates and they eat plants that would normally not be eaten by other livestock.

Goats are a gift that keeps on giving. The goats provided by the Abdishe project are breeding and benefiting more households as their offspring is given to other members of the community.

For Minani, her goat represents self-sufficiency, success, resilience, safety, and the ability to help other people.  A goat can help her solve her problems, and protect herself and her family.  It proves that she can do anything.

"What makes me feel well in my heart? My goat. . . Every morning when I wake up the first thing that I see is my goat, tied up to the tree. And now I have the power to solve my problems and take care of my daughter. I never have to be afraid again!" -Minani


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