Nourishing a Community


Though the country recovered from famine in 2011, Somalia is once again under threat. The situation worsens in rural areas due to consecutive years of poor rainfall which has resulted in near total crop failures, reduced rural employment opportunities and widespread shortages of water. These unfortunate circumstances have caused staple food prices to increase while livestock prices decrease and access to food rapidly diminishes for poorer families. It’s estimated close to 3 million people cannot meet their daily food needs while an additional 3.3 million Somalis are in need of food support.

WFP is taking action and supporting self-help initiatives in Somalia. WFP is offering food rations in return for business training or work on projects that strengthen community livelihoods, infrastructure and the environment. Tasks include building water catchments, shallow wells and dams as well as fighting soil erosion and restoring degraded land. Not only do these jobs help communities recover from crises such as drought, they also better protect these communities from future disasters.

Vote Nourishing a Community to help strengthen and protect Somalia from current and future disasters.  

Photo © WFP/Jochebed LouisJean

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