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Innovative Training Tools in South Sudan

The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative has developed the world’s only preventative training on the subject of child soldiers. Their training is participatory and scenario-based, requiring the learner to consider the challenges children in armed conflict present and encouraging actions that help to prevent harm to children in the first instance. 

The Dallaire Initiative continually develops tools and training aids to enhance learning, reinforce lessons, and provide ongoing engagement with the issue. Tools are responsive to the needs of their trainees and the contexts in which they operate.  Tools may include items such as video games that take learners through specific interactions with child soldiers and provide real time feedback on their decisions, interactive scenarios that provide a variety of perspectives, or mobile apps that allow security personnel to access critical information. 

For example in 2015 the Dallaire Initiative developed playing cards that feature information and facts related to child soldiers as a tool to reinforce training with security personnel in “down time”.  This tool presented an unexpected benefit in South Sudan, serving to help former child soldiers identify and open up about their experiences.   The local Child Protection Manager wrote:

"The cards have been of great help in our sessions especially because most of the children are able to associate with the roles that they took …., they have as well turned into a motivational session where the children are encouraged to come to school in order not to revert to going back to doing such roles as indicated in the cards. We have also noted that they are using the cards as a way of learning English by trying to recite and understand the inspirational messages printed on the cards."



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