SECURE Housing in Cambodia


In Cambodia, over a quarter of the 15 million people live below the poverty line. Habitat for Humanity seeks to break the cycle of poverty through affordable housing solutions. Habitat also works with partners to help families gain access to livelihood opportunities, clean water and sanitation, housing finance services, and secure land tenure. Since 2003, HFH Cambodia has served more than 10,000 families. 

The Habitat Cambodia SECURE (Safe and Empowered Communities for Urban Reintegration) Project is unique in making centrally located, urban land available for housing the poor. Through this project, Habitat Cambodia supports families and local authorities in applying for the government’s Social Land Concession scheme. The work involves converting state­ owned land in urban areas in Battambang into privately owned plots with secure tenure granted to families who are informal settlers. In addition, Habitat Cambodia is working with local partners to provide 40 new, adequate and safe homes for low income families in Battambang.

Habitat Cambodia aims to provide adequate housing for over 90,000 low ­income Cambodian families by 2018 and to inspire the involvement of individuals, officials, groups, organizations and government agencies to champion innovative housing solutions for families who do not have decent shelter. This goal will be achieved by creating shelter, inspiration, capital and capacity. 

The SECURE project empowers informal settlement families by partnering with other community organizations and government agencies to improve local knowledge on Social Land Concessions (SLCs) through workshops and training sessions in order to improve access to secure land tenure. Participants also receive best practice brochures, watch videos that demonstrate the steps of acquiring land through the Social Land Concession scheme, and build their capacity on land rights and housing. 

Through the SECURE project, Habitat Cambodia is providing 40 new homes with water and sanitation support, giving families in Battambang improved living and health conditions and 120 children better conditions for living and studying. Providing technical housing support services to 300 informal settlement families, (home maintenance training) sharing basic construction techniques, and providing advice on quality construction materials and home maintenance. These training sessions empower participants to maintain their home and check the quality of construction materials to build their own affordable house. 


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