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Provide a New Mother's Bundle to a Refugee in the Central African Republic

Cost: $100

While the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) has stabilized in many parts of the country thanks to the deployment of international peacekeepers and the re-establishment of national authorities in remote areas, the challenges in terms of security, justice and protection of civilians remain considerable. The upsurge in violence in the capital in late 2015 attests to the fragility of the situation.
The crisis in the CAR has not only caused the internal and external displacement of a large portion of its population, but has also affected the 7,800 urban and rural refugees who remain in the country. Socio-economic activities allowing refugees to be self-sufficient have been interrupted.

UNHCR and partners play an important role in monitoring the protection of displaced people, communities at risk, returning refugees and internally displaced people. The organization and its partners are conducting social cohesion activities and protection monitoring, as well as providing support for the restitution of housing, land and property in the main areas of return.

UNHCR’s priorities in 2016 include providing access to asylum procedures, protection services and basic assistance, such as necessities for new mothers. Simple gifts for new mothers and their babies dramatically improve their chances of survival. The UNHCR's New Mother’s Bundle contains essential supplies like nutritional supplements, baby blankets and baby clothes.

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