The Search for Safe Water


Restoring Access to Drinking Water in Drought-Stricken Somalia

Prolonged drought across Somalia is affecting the lives of millions, cutting off access to safe, clean drinking water. Families are forced to purchase bottled water, yet rising prices mean it is an option that is out of reach for most. Responders are now struggling to treat more than 19,000 cases of Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) and Cholera that have sprung up due to the consumption of contaminated water. More than 440 people have died in 2017 alone.

GlobalMedic is responding by restoring access to safe drinking water at the household level. The distribution of Rainfresh Water Purification Units will allow families to collect water from whatever source they have available — be it a stream or river — and purify it in their very own homes. This response protects the health of families and prevents the contraction of illness by providing safe, clean water for an entire year.


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