Growing Self-Reliance and Dignity


Zimbabweans face unemployment rates over 90% in rural areas. Young people grow up with almost no prospects for employment and face a bleak future. The result–child marriages, early pregnancy, and young men who cannot form a family because they are unable to provide for even themselves. Orphaned young people with no family support face overwhelming challenges and often make poor life choices that perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

Bopoma Villages is developing a training farm to teach unemployed young people biointensive farming and basic business skills, nutrition and rainwater harvesting. This training will equip young people to grow their own nutritious organic food for sale and for their own consumption. Participants will also learn basic business and vital life-skills.

  • Biointensive farming methods produce highly productive gardens, with no fertilizers or chemicals. Soil is continuously nourished through composting.
  • Rainwater harvesting techniques help to direct scarce rainwater to where it is most needed instead of running off taking precious top soil with it.
  • Better nutrition improves health and builds resistance to disease and productivity.

Many young people have given up the dream of improving their lives and building a better future. Sponsor this project to provide a young person with the opportunity to realize their dream of independence and the dignity of self-reliance.

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